Burn Calories in Spring Valley


Wellness Body Wraps is a weight loss solution in Spring Valley, Nevada. We offer body wraps to help individuals lose weight, unsightly cellulite and to improve blood circulation. Do you feel self-conscious about unwanted cellulite? We can help!  We use top of the line innovative technology known as Formostar™ Infrared Body Wraps to help you burn thousands of calories per session. We all have those troublesome areas that we need help with. Wellness Body Wraps will help you firm, tighten and tone those areas.


Wellness Body Wraps will help you lose the weight you need so you can have the body you've always dreamed of. Each treatment will burn thousands of calories. With sensible eating, and appropriate exercise, you will become thinner and healthier. Wellness Body Wraps will help you relieve stress, harmful toxins, and increase your blood circulation. This will give you a better rejuvenated skin tone, it will deep clean your body and will result in weight loss and a thinner, healthier you. Sessions are relaxing and easy. You will be well taken care of and will be attended to during each session. 


Our innovative high quality wraps also help to blood circulation, decrease stress, and pain after high intensity workout sessions. We also have great prices and a comfortable atmosphere. Gift certificates and specials are available for that special person and that special event.


If you need to burn calories fast, call Wellness Body Wraps for an appointment at 702.742.4713 or fill out our convenient online form. We guarantee you will not regret it!  Join our mailing list and receive special discounts and promotions.