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Our 50-Minute LED + Oxygen +Infrared face & neck treatment is a natural safe alternative for anti-aging benefits.  


LED is a gentle, non-abrasive skin treatment that has positive effects on skin cells for the purpose of cell regeneration and rejuvenation.  


Two colors of LED are provided for a powerful combination treatment.  Combining red & blue light therapy to reduce fine lines & wrinkles and reduce scars.  Red light to promote collagen, reduce signs of aging and boost elasticity.   Blue light therapy works great at reducing bacteria & acne prone skin as well as minimizing scars.


Oxygen is pumped through the facial mask to promote healing and anti-aging as well as improving mood, boost concentration, alleviates stress and promotes energy.  


Infrared detoxes the skin at a much deeper level than traditional heat.  Infrared pulls out 20% plus impurities and detoxes skin while boosting elasticity and increasing blood flow and circulation while decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.  


There is no need for further skin care after the treatment is completed.  No recover time needed after treatment is completed.  LED can be conducted as often as needed.

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Anti Aging Face & Neck Treatments

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